Besides its incomparably rich musical life and tradition, Hungary offers a wide variety of different touristic and cultural attractions as well. The country has a charmingly unspoiled, tranquil landscape, Lake Balaton, the Danube Bend and the Great Hungarian Plain are among the most popular destinations. On the other hand, Budapest is one of Europe’s most vibrant capitals, with a noble setting and a certain touch of imperial grandeur.

Hungarian cuisine is legendary, dining out in Hungary is a real treat in itself. Local food specialities and excellent wines will make your journey a memorable culinary experience too. You will feel a king with a glass of Tokaj in your hand during a candlelight cruise on the Danube, and soon you will discover the very essence of this pleasant and hospitable country so eager to fascinate and entertain its visitors.

There are several internationally recognized music festivals and competitions held throughout the year, and your party is most welcome to take part in these remarkable events. If you are planning a tour of Central Europe, you should not miss performing at one of Hungary’s fine and prestigious concert locations.

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